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VOLUME 14, ISSUE 2, 2019

Around dental implants.
How can surrounding tissues support implant success long-term? Experts discuss proven solutions.
Gaining bone height.
Bone block or GBR? Form-stable mem- brane or customized titanium scaffold? A discussion for treatment options.
The quest for stability.
Our science comic shows how the L-shape technique was invented by re- searchers from Zurich and Barcelona.

VOLUME 14, ISSUE 1, 2019

Research and practice.
Could you be a researcher? Here are some lessons learned from the experts, along with tips and tricks.
May the force be with the bone.
To compress or not compress biomaterial during bone regeneration... This is still the question.
The science of serendipity.
Do you think accidental discoveries no longer occur in the natural sciences? Think again...

VOLUME 12, ISSUE 1, 2018

Minimally inva-sive approaches.
How to understand the concept of "minimally invasive" in regenerative dentistry.
Gene therapy for the eyes.
The treatment of hereditary retinal diseases may no longer be a distant and unreachable horizon.
Research and knowledge.
The collaboration between company and university is a secret for success- ful discoveries.

NEWS 2014

Long-term data
cBct images prove contour augmentation is successful
Instead of punch grafts
Geistlich Mucograft® seal closes extraction sockets
New foundation
Geistlich sets up Osteo science Foundation in America